Tuesday, August 16, 2011

40 Weeks!!

Ok, so I never thought that I'd actually make it all the way to my due date!!  I don't think anyone did, lol.  The most common comment I got during these last few months was that Bean was not going to wait because he was looking like a big boy, lol.  Well...this big boy is just getting bigger, and not budging! My doctors appointment today had no new results.  I am still not dilating, and everything is still closed for business, lol.  Bean hasn't even officially dropped!  What is he waiting for???  Ugh...I said I wanted him to come on his own time, so I guess that's whats he's doing.  I just thought that he'd be here by the due date at least.  Anyway, the good news is he is still doing good in there, and that's all that really matters.  Healthy baby = Happy mom!

The doctor wants me to go in on Friday to make sure the baby is still doing ok.  She mentioned something about doing a stress test and seeing if I have shown any progress in the dilating part.  If not, then we'll wait till next week to induce.  They don't want to induce too early if I haven't started dilating at all because we run the risk of starting a process that my body cant finish on its own....which then has a higher chance of leading to a C-Section, that I am trying to avoid.  So, if I haven't started the process on my own by this weekend, we'll induce next week and hope for the best.

For now, I just have to wait.  And honestly, I think I would be ok with the waiting if everyone wasn't so anxious around me! lol  Its a bitter sweet feeling, because on the one hand I LOVE that there are so many people that are excited to meet and love him!  But it does tend to put a little pressure on me too. Not as much as my mom though...she's just so anxious and nervous, I think she makes it hardest for me.  Someone told her a story that I guess scared her, so now she feels like the more he stays in there, the more there is a chance of something going wrong.  And being pregnant, your already worried about what can happen.  You don't need reminders everyday....anyway, hopefully after hearing from the doctor that everything is ok, she will calm down.

Time to go...this carpal tunnel is kicking in, lol.


  1. Much luck for a lovely delivery and a healthy Bean!

  2. Sending BEAN Congrats to you!! Glad to know all is well!
    Take care

  3. Yay to natural childbirth!!! Well I guess this is a preview of things to come. WOW! Good luck Friday.

  4. Good luck chica!! I hope he makes his appearance soon. I compltely know how it feels when people around your are exclaiming, "When are you gonna have that baby?" lol

  5. @ IG2S...thank you!!
    @ Lacquer...Hoping for natural, but so far...um, these contractions are no joke! LOL We'll see how far I can go though...
    @ Sunny...Thank you! No appearance yet, but hopefully soon. The contractions are so irregular during the day, but more regular at night...WEIRD! I am just so ready to have him here with me :(

  6. I guess Bean is going to be fashionably late….like his Aunt Katie Mac

  7. @ Katie Mac...yes, he's definitely following in your fabulously late footsteps, lol