Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Look what I found!!

Ok, so this post will not be very long.  My feet are HUGE, and I need to get back to my recliner before they explode, lol.   I had an ultrasound today, and Bean looked great!  Since he's pretty big now, it was hard to get a clear pic of his face, but I caught a glimpse, and he was beautiful <3.  He was opening and closing his mouth, probably because he had hiccups, lol.  The ultrasound tech said he may be about 9 lbs if he goes all the way to my due date...oh boy!  Of course, they are often wrong, so there's really no way to know for sure till he's here.  I had my 37 week check up also, and I am still not dilating.  I'm completely fine with that, because I want him in there as long as he needs to be.  He will be ready when he's ready....no rush.  :)

Back to what this post was really suppose to be about...look at what I found at Target in between my appointments!

Blue soft fabric high tops for $3
"Star of Mommy's Blog" bib for $.58!!

The high tops were originally $19.99, so that was a huge save.  Especially since I hear that baby clothes/shoes do not last long.   The bib was originally $2.37, but I would have probably paid 4x's that to get it!!  Isn't it perfect?!?!  I cant wait till my little star gets to wear it!  <3


  1. This is too cute...Bean will have millions of shoes in his lifetime!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, 9lbs and growing, oh boy! Yeah! How adorable! Can't wait to see the 1st pics of Bean wearing that bib. The shoes, the shoes...gotta be the shoes!

  3. This bib is simply fabulous!